Sharpening Social Skills and Learning Skills

With Weekly Themes and
Self-Directed Discovery

Young nanny with little children, indoors at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Fort Erie, CO, Kansas City, KS

Sharpening Social Skills and Learning Skills

With Weekly Themes and
Self-Directed Discovery

Toddler Daycare | 1 - 2.5 years | Serving Erie, CO & Kansas City, KS

Loving Teachers Provide Constant Guidance and Care

Our highly-trained teachers are masters at empowering each child to meet their individual developmental milestones. They are passionate about making each child feel at home. Their hands-on approaches mean that your little one will have all of the support they need throughout each day.

Sharing, Caring and Treating Each Other Well Helps Develop Social Skills

Your toddler can enhance their emotional intelligence and build self-esteem through rewarding interactions with their peers, learn to say please and thank you, share their toys, identify feelings, and treat others with kindness. They’ll become self-aware and adept at forming healthy personal relationships.

Engaging Themes And Colorful, Kid-Centric Classrooms Make Learning Fun

Our classrooms are designed with young learners in mind and are filled with prints, patterns, colors, shapes, and textures to keep their minds alert. Weekly learning themes are also used to put a fresh spin on daily activities and help your kids discover new cultures, countries, flora, fauna, and more.

We Promise a Safe and Toxin-Free Environment For Your Child

We are Eco-Healthy Child Care® Certified so that toxic chemicals and environmental health hazards are of no concern to your toddlers. This certification means that Exploring Minds Academy has successfully adhered to a strict list of 30 best practices, including using non-toxic cleaning supplies, avoiding toys made of PVC, and much more.

Innovative Early Childhood Education Techniques Are Absorbed Through Play

We use the HighScope curriculum to encourage your toddler to absorb knowledge through self-directed activity and collaborative play. We promote active learning by teaching via the five senses, which allows each child to interact with their environment instead of merely sitting and listening.

Mindfulness and Gratitude Practices Help Little Ones Appreciate What They Have

Whether they’re saying grace at meals, learning how to care for their peers, or being reminded of how lucky they are to have supportive families, we teach your children the importance of gratitude. Encouraging daily positive thinking helps them become happier and fulfilled in the long run.
Little child playing with wooden train and tracks at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Fort Erie, CO, Kansas City, KS

Proper Nutrition Sets A Healthy Foundation For Growing Minds and Bodies

Your child will be provided with daily breakfasts, lunches, and snacks made from the
highest-quality and tastiest ingredients. We are an entirely nut-free facility.

Communication Between Teachers and Parents Made Easy Via App

To keep you updated while you’re on the go and living life as a busy parent, we turn to COR Advantage for our parent-teacher mobile communication apps. With just a few clicks, you’ll be updated on all the details of your toddler’s day and can easily browse photos, ask us questions, or provide feedback!

Enrichment Activities Encourage Your Toddler To Be Creative and Express Themselves

Whether your little one has a penchant for singing, dancing, acting, or learning a second language, our selection of fun enrichment activities allows them to develop their creativity and let their imaginations run wild. We believe that catering to the left brain is just as important as sharpening the right.

Acres of Outdoor Space To Keep Your Little Ones Active All Day Long

In our expansive outdoor playgrounds, your kids will be encouraged to run, jump, climb, and play with our vast selection of games and toys. They can also explore our scenic fruit grove and garden to discover new plant and animal species.

parent reviews

"she’s just having too much fun with her teachers and friends"
Our daughter has been attending this great school since she was a toddler. Even though she is now in elementary, she still attends after school and just LOVES it here. I get scolded when I pick her up “too early” because she’s just having too much fun with her teachers and friends.
Amanda Dynneson

"creative play for the toddlers"
The teachers here are kind and loving with the kids. Lots of outside time and creative play for the toddlers.
Kate Chamberlin

"Everyone there is so loving and friendly"
Our 18-month-old daughter absolutely loves all of the teachers and curriculum at Exploring Minds! Everyone there is so loving and friendly, and she absolutely flourishes there. The classroom activities are age appropriate, and she gets to spend lots of time outside playing with other kiddos her own age.
Frances B

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