Awaken Your Baby
To The World

Through Collaborative Play
and their Five Senses

little toddler in light clothes curiously leafs through an old book at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Fort Erie, CO, Kansas City, KS

Awaken Your Baby To The World

Through Collaborative Play and their Five Senses

Infant Daycare | Kansas City, KS: 2 Weeks - 12 Months | Erie, CO: 6 weeks to 12 months

happy baby smiling at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Fort Erie, CO, Kansas City, KS

A Warm, Cozy Home Away From Home For Your Baby

Our passion for working with little ones extends to each child. We promise to treat your child as though they are our own and to make your baby feel loved and right at home.

We Respond To Your Child To Help Them Grow

We play with your little one in a way that stimulates their responses to facial expressions and non-verbal cues. In doing so, your baby gets an early start on communication while feeling connected, safe, and valued.

Our Warm and Caring Team is Highly Qualified

Our teachers are highly trained with childcare qualifications that make them the best at what they do. They know precisely how to guide each baby’s learning journey, and love to give them a cuddle when they’re missing Mom and Dad.

A Sparkling-Clean Facility Free Of Any Environmental Concerns

Being Eco-Healthy Child Care® Certified, we adhere to a list of 30 environmental best practices, such as using non-toxic cleaning supplies, conducting water testing, and maintaining healthy air quality. Your child enjoys meticulous cleanliness levels under our care without being exposed to any harmful chemicals.

Collaborative Play Allows Your Baby To Learn By Interacting

Even at this young age, the HighScope curriculum invites babies to safely engage and interact with the world around them using their five senses. Through gently stimulating activities, your baby can explore safely.

A Fun, Stimulating Environment And Themes For Enhanced Learning

We incorporate learning themes into our daily programming to stimulate your baby’s growing mind. Learning materials such as crinkly paper, mirrors, colored rice in a sealed baggy, and stacking cups are regularly used in our spacious, colorful play areas.

Enrichment Activities That Encourage Creativity And Imagination

To encourage your baby to develop personal interests and to allow their imagination to roam free, we offer a range of fun activities such as music, yoga, art, and dance.

Our Easy-To-Use Parent Communication App Keeps You In Touch

We track every detail of your infant’s day from nap time to diaper changes so that you can
confidently go about your home routine. Your life can run smoother, knowing that your baby is safe, happy, and comfortable.

smiling baby girl at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Fort Erie, CO, Kansas City, KS

Providing Healthy Options And Introducing Your Baby To Fresh Foods

When it comes time, you can guide the introduction of solid foods made from fresh ingredients. We are a nut-free environment. Fresh foods and quality ingredients will start your baby off with healthier habits.

Lots Of Outdoor Play Sharpens Your Child’s Cognitive And Gross Motor Skills

With acres of outdoor space dedicated to play, your child will spend lots of time getting fresh air in our safe, enclosed playgrounds while sharpening their developing gross motor skills.

parent reviews

"They truly care about all of the children"
Our son has been attending Exploring Minds since he was 2 months old. We love all of the teachers and love the great learning environment. They truly care about all of the children and want to prepare them for their future.😊
Angie Carpenter

"It is such a great atmosphere! All the teachers are great and Mrs. Sharon is wonderful!"
I love Exploring Minds - my daughter is the infant room and loves going to school. They do art projects, play, sing songs, and talk to the infants too. It is such a great atmosphere! All the teachers are great, and Mrs. Sharon is wonderful!
Jackie Uttley

"Extremely knowledgeable"
Extremely knowledgeable in Child Development!
Shavonne Blades

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