Inspire Your Child’s Academic Journey

With A Globally-Inspired Approach to Early Learning

Happy toddler and teacher playing and learning at a preschool & childcare center Serving Erie, CO & Kansas City, KS

Inspire Your Child’s Academic Journey

With A Globally-Inspired Approach to Early Learning

Happy teacher and two toddler playing colorful toys at a preschool & childcare center Serving Erie, CO & Kansas City, KS

Naturally Boost your
child’s Love Of Learning

Led by qualified teachers, we create the right environment to cater to every child’s natural zeal for learning. From ensuring the nurturing love infants need to thrive, to creating hands-on opportunities for the safe and thoughtful exploration toddlers crave, our Academy answers every family’s desire to provide the best for their child.

Including the Best of The Montessori Method
Increases Independence

Following the Montessori method for the environment, materials, and teacher-led strategies means that children learn problem-solving and crucial socio-emotional skills in a self-directed way. The lasting benefits the Montessori Method has on a child’s sense of autonomy and accomplishment are well-documented and highly-acclaimed.

Toddlers playing colorful toys at a preschool & childcare center Serving Erie, CO & Kansas City, KS
little boy smiling at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Fort Erie, CO, Kansas City, KS

Daily Gratitude Practices
For Lasting Happiness
and A Positive Mindset

We believe in teaching children to be thankful for what they have and appreciative of all the components that make up their daily lives. Gratitude is a part of our programming; kids become aware of how lucky they are to have amazing families, friends, and peers. We also say grace before every meal as a means of showing appreciation toward the healthy, nutritious food that fuels us.

Pamela Piekarski


Ms. Pamela has a BA in Education with an emphasis in Bilingual Studies, an MAEd in Diverse Learner with emphasis in Gifted and Talented for children younger than 5, and is a Graduate Winner in 2020. She is pursuing her EDD in Educational Leadership.

Her motherhood story is similar to others. With three young children to care for, Pamela struggled to find the home away from home she hoped an early childhood education center could provide for her children while she went to work.


A Kansas City kindergarten teacher since 1978, she knew what quality education and care looked like, and didn’t see it among her options. Pushed by necessity and undaunted by a challenge, she opened her own center in 1985, and her second school in 1987,  creating that home away from home to answer the needs of discerning parents like herself.

A lifelong learner, she has traveled extensively over the years, to places like Singapore and Italy to deepen her knowledge of language acquisition, Montessori methods, and more and acted as a consultant to others who shared her passion for teaching young minds.

Her globe-trotting informs our curriculum that goes beyond academic basics to incorporate other languages, world music, the power of outdoor play, and exposure to the world’s wonders and the diversity of nature.

She left the field of education in 1992, moved to Colorado, and entered the computer industry, back when a mouse “still had four legs and a tail ,” she jokingly asserts . In this pre-desktop era, she pioneered new technology and methods for teaching adults until 1997 when she joined the Seven Oaks Academy.

Her passion for teaching advanced her career at the Academy as Pre-K teacher, Director,
and then teacher of first grade and Spanish. After one year, she had an epiphany: “God wants me to open a preschool.”

In 2008, Exploring Minds Academy became the culmination of her expertise and love of early learning.

In addition to extensive academic accolades, Pamela’s four grown children and 11 grandchildren, with number twelve on the way, continue to inspire her both personally and professionally, and her dedication to nurturing the most crucial years of human life persists.

Through the power of play and with the attention of dedicated and qualified teachers, we’ll give your child the confidence and care they need to reach their full potential and beyond.

Dr. Carl Piekarski

Chief Of Operations

Dr. Carl has a BA in Business, an MBA and a Ph.D. in Business Administration. He works in finance management, business development, and all aspects of operations and has been the Owner/Partner of Exploring Minds Academy since 2007. Dr. Carl enjoys bowling, Greenhouse development, and taking vacations with his wife, Pamela.

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