Developing Pre-Academic Skills

and Shaping Growing Personalities Through Active Learning

Little happy child sitting at a desk studying at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Fort Erie, CO, Kansas City, KS

Developing Pre-Academic Skills

And Shaping Growing Personalities Through Active Learning

Preschool | 2.5 - 4 years | Serving Erie, CO & Kansas City, KS

teacher with preschool children in class at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Fort Erie, CO, Kansas City, KS

Early Childhood Lead Teachers With Years of Education Experience

Our highly-skilled teaching team has decades of experience working with preschoolers and helping to prepare them for kindergarten. They will provide guidance, reassurance and cuddles at every turn to make your little one feel supported throughout their learning journey with us.

Daily Learning Guided by The HighScope Curriculum

We call on the research-based HighScope curriculum to guide our daily preschool programming. This means that your child will be encouraged to actively learn by interacting with their surroundings in small groups and exploring new concepts by using their five senses.

Two kids learning to write at a preschool & childcare center Serving Erie, CO & Kansas City, KS
Two boys smiling at a preschool & childcare center Serving Erie, CO & Kansas City, KS

Setting The Foundation For Happy, Emotionally Intelligent Personalities

We set out to equip your child with the socio-emotional skills that will help them build long-lasting personal relationships as they grow older. They will learn how to identify their emotions, their peers’ feelings, how to share, and much more.

Weekly Themes Engage Your Preschoolers’ Five Senses

To keep your preschooler engaged and interested in learning throughout each day they spend with us, we turn to fun, child-centric themes to guide academic activities. They’ll learn about weather patterns, the outdoors, animals and all sorts of enchanting countries and cultures.
preschool girls doing art in class at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Fort Erie, CO, Kansas City, KS

Creative Lessons, Games and Experiences Keep Minds Sharp

In order to help your preschooler sharpen the fine motor skills that occur in the wrists, hands, feet and toes, we provide a roster of enrichment activities such as dance, art, yoga, and dramatic play. Being creative has never been so much fun!

A Nutritious Meal Program using fresh fruits, vegetables and home-style meals

Young learners exert a seemingly endless supply of energy throughout the day and our meal program will keep them fueled to keep going straight through until pick-up time. Breakfast, lunch, and a pm snack are provided each day. We are a nut-free environment.

Cute toddler eating in a blue table at a preschool & childcare center Serving Erie, CO & Kansas City, KS
Young woman using her mobile phone at a preschool & childcare center Serving Erie, CO & Kansas City, KS

Tri-Annual Assessments and Progress Updates Available With Just a Few Clicks

You’ll never have to wonder what your child has been up to throughout the day again thanks to COR Advantage, our parent-teacher communication app. Browse tri-annual assessments, daily updates, photos and more from the convenience of your mobile or desktop device. We also use personal emails to communicate basic center information and important updates, such as closures, with families.

Acres of Outdoor Space To Refine Your Growing Child’s Gross Motor Skills

Fresh air and sunshine does the mind and body wonders! Your preschoolers will be able to play to their hearts’ content in our spacious, enclosed outdoor play areas that come fully equipped with plenty of toys and games.
Cute little girl playing ball outside at a preschool & childcare center Serving Erie, CO & Kansas City, KS
Preschool & Daycare Serving Fort Erie, CO, Kansas City, KS

Clean, Safe Facilities Free From Toxic Chemicals and Environmental Hazards

Preschoolers love to explore every corner they can get access to, so we’ve made sure that Exploring Minds Academy is Eco-Healthy Child Care® Certified for toxic substances to be of no concern. This also means that we avoid harmful art supplies, PVC toys and much more.

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

parent reviews

"We have only had positive experiences"
My son has gone to this daycare for 4 years. We have only had positive experiences and he looks forward to going there to see the staff and kids, and go on the daily field trips during summer. I have recommended this facility to friends and would recommend it to anyone.
Sharon McKim

"Our Toddler Is Happy And Thriving"
Our daughter has attended this daycare for about two years (toddler and pre-school) and we have been very happy with them. They are big advocates for outdoor time, which I love, and their days seem very well structured with times for creativity, learning and play. They are very affordable compared to other daycares in the area and they provide healthy meals, which is a big convenience for the parents. Our toddler is happy and thriving, and enjoys her days at Exploring Minds Academy.
Jean Lewis

"I highly recommend enrolling your children"
The staff and the administration are focused on the kids. They are very understanding to parents that may not be in the best situations. They are a shoulder to lean on and a very trustworthy place to leave your children. Exploring Minds Academy is a curriculum-based center that focuses on learning through play and redirecting with positive directives. It shows through kids who have passed through their doors and have gone on to succeed in their academics. Early Head Start is one of the programs that Exploring Minds Academy partakes in so the teachers are consistently being trained in new methods to teach your children. I highly recommend enrolling your children at Exploring Minds Academy!
Erin Deatsch

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